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Because nothing spells special better than adding your personal touch, gift your loved ones with a personalized cake.

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3d cakes

There isn’t a cake that we can’t sculpt. We can create whatever inspires you into a unique and completely tailor made masterpiece. Our in house, specialized 3D cake artist in Dubai will transform your idea into edible art. With utmost precision and skill, our artisan can create a delectable concoction that is faithful to your creative inspiration. We are only limited by your imagination to create a captivating celebratory cake. We love new ideas and challenges, so feel free to be as creative as you like! Tell us how you want the cake to look like, or show us your inspiration, and we’ll bring it to life, complete with all the intricate details. Choose your flavour, design your cake, and go the extra mile to celebrate with a truly special show piece cake.

We also do

Photo cakes

Photo cakes are a great and easy way to project any image onto a cake. We utilize food colouring that is printed onto edible rice paper to create personal and unique cakes. Any of our delicious flavours can be transformed into beautiful photo cakes, and we can print any image you provide us with. Show a loved one how much you care by giving them a personalized cake. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Customized cake

At Chateau Blanc, we put a premium on sourcing the highest quality ingredients, as these are the secret to the excellent quality and taste of our delicious offerings. We make sure our goods are made fresh each and every day, so customers can enjoy the finest and freshest pastry creations anytime they walk in to our shop.

All our cakes can be personalized. To be sure your preferred flavour is available, we recommend that you inform us ahead of time, so we can prepare and reserve it for you. Do visit our shop and feast your eyes on our wide selection of standard and personalized cakes.

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